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When you visit us as a new patient for the first time, we will give you a comprehensive picture of your current dental and oral health. Grand Dental Arts offers all patients a friendly and comfortable atmosphere along with contemporary current technologies covering all types of dental services. You will enjoy distinct dental care that will enhance the quality of your life as well as your family’s.

Among the most popular procedures we provide:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is safe!  We have always practiced infection control standards, and we are doing so many more things since COVID-19 to ensure you (and our team) are safe and healthy.  To ease your minds, please check out our Sterilization and Infection control page.


New patients are always welcome at the office of Dr. Williamson. Whether you are seeking a comprehensive evaluation or you have an emergency that needs to be attended to quickly, give us a call and we’ll get you taken care of!

We are in-network with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Option, Dental Delta premier, and Cigna PPO.  We are also happy to accept most PPO plans as an out-of-network provider for most major insurances. We are not currently Medicaid providers.

Please bring your insurance card with you to each appointment so that we can check for any changes in your benefits. Your insurance is a contract between you and your employer, so plan to keep up with any updated information and let us know of any changes. We understand that insurance can be difficult to understand, and we will provide assistance in any way we can so that you can understand your benefits better.

If you have any questions about your coverage, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

In the event of any kind of dental emergency, call our office immediately. If you call us during business hours, a member of our staff can guide you through the steps you should take while finding the soonest available time for you to come into our office for emergency treatment if necessary. If you are experiencing a dental emergency after hours, over the weekend, or during the holidays, you can still call our office to get our doctor’s emergency contact number.

At Grand Dental Arts, we never want any of our patients to turn away from an opportunity to get a new, healthy smile because of the cost standing in their way. That’s why we accept most major credit cards, work with many types of dental insurance, and will work with you to establish a payment plan that fits your needs. Our team will also make things easier by processing your insurance claim for you when we receive your co-payment.

Patient Asked Questions

A cavity that is left untreated will continue to grow. When a cavity is small, it can easily be treated with a tooth-colored filling. If the decay spreads, it will mean that more of the tooth structure has to be removed and treatment options may become more complex. You may require a crown or a root canal. Extraction is even a possibility if the tooth has so much decay it cannot be restored.

If you are grinding your teeth, a bite guard might be the answer. This simple device  protects the teeth from grinding against each other. It fits between your upper and lower teeth. We can make a custom bite guard that will fit you securely and comfortably. The bite guard is worn at night. Patients generally sleep better and wake up with no headache or jaw pain.

We use the Zoom whitening system, which is a safe bleaching process that whitens both the enamel and dentin of your teeth. After just one treatment, you will immediately have a smile that is several shades lighter. We recommend you combine this in-office procedure with our take-home bleaching trays for even more dramatic results.

If you don’t replace your toothbrush, the bristles will get frayed and bent out of place. When that happens, those bristles won’t be able to get into those tough to reach places to clear away bacteria and food particles that are stuck in between your teeth or under your gum line. To prevent this, it’s recommended that you replace your brush every 3 to 4 months at least. If you notice that your brush is looking frayed before you hit that 3 or 4 month mark, it may be recommended that you replace your brush sooner.