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The benefits of fluoride treatments at the dentist

Over the years, dentists have found that fluoride can help protect teeth. That is because it can strengthen the natural tooth enamel, allowing it to avoid the development of cavities along with proper oral health habits at home. Our team of professionals at Grand Dental Arts evaluates your smile to determine if you could benefit from an added fluoride treatment right in our practice.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural earth mineral found in many foods and added to city water supplies. This particular mineral has been found to keep teeth healthy and strong. Fluoride treatments are one way to help prevent tooth decay and can be provided by the team at Grand Dental Arts.

How are fluoride treatments obtained?

At Grand Dental Arts, Dr. Colleen Williamson is pleased to offer in-office fluoride applications. Using a gel, paste, or varnish of fluoride, the dentist will apply these to the teeth with a small brush. Additionally, patients should use fluoride toothpaste and other products with fluoride to strengthen the teeth over time and protect them from cavities and decay–along with proper home oral care.

Is fluoride safe?

Fluoride treatments are generally safe and effective. However, too much fluoride can cause an issue such as fluorosis, which is a condition that causes white spots on the teeth. Our team can evaluate your smile and talk to you about your favorite foods to determine if you can benefit from extra fluoride or get enough in your daily diet.

Who needs added fluoride treatment at the dentist’s office?

Fluoride treatments are often recommended for children ages six months to 16 years. That is because their teeth are still developing, and fluoride can help prevent cavities. Additionally, fluoride treatments may be recommended for adults who have a higher risk of cavities or gum disease. Due to certain medical conditions or medications, those with dry mouth may also require added fluoride at the dentist’s office.

To learn more about fluoride treatments, talk to our team today!

If you are considering the advantages of fluoride treatments with Dr. Colleen Williamson, connect with her practice today by calling 732-286-7000. The office is located in Toms River, NJ, at 14 Grand Avenue and is open to new patients.