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Digital scanner and impressions available at Grand Dental Arts

Dr. Colleen Williamson is a quality dentist in the Toms River, New Jersey community who is here to help patients in and around the area with their oral health needs. In addition to having years of experience providing the best quality of care, she also equips her practice with the latest technology. With the iTero Element Scanner, she can obtain digital dental impressions of teeth without needing messy mold materials and gagging!

How does the iTero Element Scanner work?

With the iTero Element Scanner, patients can have their impressions done digitally instead of using uncomfortable putty for molds of the smile. This device allows Dr. Williamson to capture detailed 3D models of the teeth and gums digitally. In addition to being more comfortable for patients compared to old putty-based impressions, it is much faster and more accurate.

What can I expect during the impression process while using the iTero Element Scanner?

The impression process using our digital scanner allows patients to breathe and swallow normally. The scanner device is run along the inside of the mouth to create a 3D model image of your mouth on our computer software system. It takes just a couple of minutes to complete!

Why patients love our digital dental impressions

We make a great first impression, thanks to our iTero Element Scanner. Some of the advantages of using these digital dental impressions include:

  • No worries about messy “goop” or gag reflexes
  • Fast, easy, and accurate impressions for restorations like crowns and bridges
  • Complete imaging to create Invisalign clear aligners and orthodontic retainers
  • Digital files are sent to our lab to maintain our strict infection control policy
  • Records changes to the teeth with time, including shifting or wear
  • Displays and simulates changes that can occur with treatment, such as Invisalign aligners

How do I learn more about quality digital scanning and impressions?

At Grand Dental Arts, Dr. Colleen Williamson and her team are pleased to provide some of the most state-of-the-art and modern equipment available to our patients today. If you live in or around the Toms River, NJ area and want to speak with our team, call 732-286-7000 and visit our office at 14 Grand Avenue. We are open to new and established patients and families in the communities of Lavallette, Bayville, and Ocean Gate!