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Digital dental imaging services for treatment and diagnosis

At Grand Dental Arts, our facility and team are always looking to invest in ways to make dental care faster, safer, and more comfortable. With this in mind, we have equipped our office with the latest and most advanced digital solutions to provide both safety and efficiency to your dental care. This includes using digital dental imaging for Toms River, New Jersey, area patients under the care of Dr. Colleen Williamson.

What digital dental equipment is available at Grand Dental Arts?

Below are just some of the technologies used in our practice for the treatment and diagnosis of dental concerns:

  • Digital 3D x-rays. One of the more prominent features of our office is the use of a digital dental x-ray scanner, which uses up to 70% less radiation than conventional dental x-rays. This dramatically reduces the amount of radiation exposure with each image. The images are available almost immediately on our computer monitors and provide sharper, more detailed photos for the best in diagnostics.
  • Intra-oral camera and digital imaging. With technology such as intra-oral cameras, our providers can use a small camera device in the mouth to show patients on our computer monitor what our dentist and dental hygienists see. That allows patients to review the images and better understand their current dental situation and needs. Seeing is believing!
  • Advanced cavity detection. With the DEXIS CariVu device, patients can enjoy advanced cavity detection during routine evaluations every six months. This device uses near-infrared transillumination light to show both healthy tooth structure and areas of decay. This diagnostic treatment is done in just a few minutes and can help Dr. Williamson detect cavities in the earliest stages, allowing her to treat the issue as soon as possible to save healthy tooth structure and stop decay from getting larger or deeper.

Learn more about digital dental imaging and services with our team today!

Call Dr. Colleen Williamson of Grand Dental Arts to start learning more about the advanced solutions available at our facility to help you during your journey to a more beautiful, healthier smile! Our friendly front office staff can be reached at 732-286-7000 to request a consultation visit with our dentist, conveniently located in Toms River, NJ, at 14 Grand Avenue.