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One of the most exciting aspects of dentistry today is the advancement in dental technology.  For a long time, many people would avoid visiting their dentist if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. This is because dental visits didn’t have the right tools or methods. Luckily, there are a number of technological advancements that have been introduced in the world of dentistry. Not only are computers now being used to mill more accurate and stronger restorations, it is more importantly allowing our team at Grand Dental Arts to communicate and educate our patients better. It is our belief that communication with our patient family is the key to our success.

Your first visit to Grand Dental Arts is our opportunity to create trust.  Not only will we thoroughly review your medical and dental history, but we will also do a thorough dental exam.  During the exam will we take digital x-rays, which emit much less radiation, than traditional dental x-rays.  In addition, we will also take a series of digital photographs of your mouth and teeth.  We are able to stream those x-rays and pictures to our TV screens in each treatment room.  This allows us to review the x-rays with our patient and show the patient areas of concern.  The intra-oral camera is the most exciting because it allows the patient to see exactly what we see.  This is important because sometimes dental problems do not present with pain or sensitivity.  The intra-oral camera can capture decay, fractures, failing restorations, and even signs of periodontal disease.

Technology has also allowed us to treat patients more comfortably.  When having treatment done that requires anesthesia,  Dr. Williamson will use the Dental Vibe to provide a comfortable injection.  If a procedure requires some gum contouring, a soft tissue laser is used that leaves no post-operative pain or sensitivity.  We also use the soft tissue laser to help heal painful sores and ulcers quickly and comfortably.

Dental visits are now quicker, more reliable, less painful, and more comfortable for the patient.

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